This music database mainly reflects my listening library, but I may consider adding artists you may be interested in if you contact me. The main purpose of this music database is to provide a good reference for album listings. Finding correct tags (and album art) for any given album can be quite a chore sometimes, so I'm hoping this database can be useful to anyone searching for correct tags.

I create a lot of playlists using Grooveshark and sometimes YouTube to put together albums I like listening to. In instances where I have a playlist created for an album listed in this database, I'll have a link to it under the album cover. To suggest artists, albums, or better sources (and playlists) than what I have provided in this database, contact me using one of the methods listed on my about me page.

Angels & Airwaves

Blunt, James


Death Cab for Cutie


Flowers, Brandon

Imbruglia, Natalie

Jackson, Michael

John, Elton & Russell, Leon

Killers, The

Lambert, Adam

Linkin Park

Macdonald, Amy




Santos, Mathieu

She & Him

Sick of Sarah